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We love a good spreadsheet as much as the next numbers-nerd, but a whole bunch of cells are gonna do a whole-lotta nothing on their own. That’s where our marketing chops come into play. Our digital marketing expertise spans the entire gamut of tools and resources to assure your business is firing on all cylinders. And when you’re armed with some of the best data analytics in the industry, there’s no doubt your success is just one click away.

          No one’s AI can do it all. (Just ask Siri or Alexa) That’s why we’re her

We use Artificial intelligence as a tool, not a total solution. It can turn on your lights. It can set an appointment. It can parse huge amounts of data in a short amount of time. But when it comes to marketing, if content is king, then context is surely queen. And that’s where AI shows it’s not ready to rule the roost just yet.
So, we built magnetiQ with a singular purpose in mind: Our keyboard commandos help you get the most out of AI by bridging the gap between raw data and digital marketing.

Search engines are absolutely crucial to the discovery of your business website, and there’s no denying that Google reigns supreme in that regard. So, not only do we streamline and actively adjust your site for their AdWords platform, we analyze and optimize web content so it organically rises to the top in both mobile- and desktop-based searches.
No longer a “Wild West” of the digital world, there are plenty of tried-and-true rules to the roads of social media. Whether you want to engage with current customers or get closer to potential ones, we’ll make sure your social ads stay on track across all the major social platforms.

Data Services / What magnetiQ Does

Mine Your Business

With big data comes big responsibility, and magnetiQ’s up to the task. From identification and storage to interpretation and analysis, we drill deep into data to dig out the nuggets of truth you need to make better, more-informed decisions for your business. Because every decision you make is crucial to the success of your business (but you knew that already).

Certified. Qualified. Quantified. Creative.

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There are hundreds of digital agencies vying for your business. This is why we’re the one you should partner with.

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