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Mission iQ

For more than twenty years, it seems that nearly everyone has come up with a different way to shop for, and purchase, the same products you sell. Still today, more individuals, startups, and mature organizations climb the carcasses of the failures that have come before them. In this capital intensive war, what if there were a way to come up with a peaceful truce? A new doctrine can easily be put in place.


MagnetiQ sits at the intersection between loyalty, positive sentiment, and sustainable profitability. Instead of compromising revenue while fighting for the same clients, magnetiQ optimizes multiple data channels to identify and attract investment-worthy clients, filtered through the eyes of forty years of successful digital marketing experience. No more worrying about which half of the marketing worked. magnetiQ is the Intelligence of Retention.

The next time a potential customer asks “why should I buy from you,” have a confident answer. Leverage your heritage. Build equity in your name. Diminish advertising waste. Boost your iQ.

What your data is telling you about customers

A message from our Director

Data isn’t just a business. It’s my life. Analyzing, scrutinizing, evaluating the everyday. Finding a connection when there seemingly isn’t one: It’s what I love to do. Even the most unpredictable of subjects, like human social behavior, can become predictable once you drill deep enough to discover the meanings behind them.

And that’s exactly what we strive to do at magnetiQ. We use analytics to develop actionable insights that drive the objectives of your business. Because when you understand how your customers behave, you get better at predicting their wants and needs, ultimately serving them better and increasing the success of your business.

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